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Return Policy
ANY RETURNS MUST BE PRECEDED BY A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER from Bartky Minerals! This will be done through , or, phone (973) 992-9451. We MUST receive your return within ONE week after AUTHORIZATION!!! WE WILL NOT accept shipments after this period! After you receive a return authorization number, YOU are RESPONSIBLE for packing your item properly! YOU are responsible for cost of RETURN shipment! For your protection, we suggest that you INSURE your return for full value.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase and wish to return it, we MUST be NOTIFIED within 10 days!!!

Wrap each specimen INDIVIDUALLY using materials such as newspaper or Bubble wrap.

Use crushed paper (see above) to completely surround item in box that includes BOTTOM, 4 SIDES, and TOP. When in doubt, OVERSTUFF!!!!

If there is ANY damage to original shipping container, DO NOT USE!

Call: (973) 992-9451 or email for instructions.
If a specimen is damaged, you must notify us IMMEDIATELY!! By phone: 973-992-9451 or email . This is necessary so that we may file an insurance claim.

ALL original material included with shipment plus the box MUST be saved for UPS claim. If this is not done, you are responsible for the cost of the specimen.

After the inspection, unless notified otherwise, you have 3 DAYS to return the merchandise. You will be refunded at this time.

Bartky Minerals' Policy is to reasonably satisfy our customers. If you have any questions or problems, please do call (973) 992-9451. You are important to us!